Powder Coating Our powder coating line is a 475 hook overhead conveyer line that accomodates pieces less than 12 feet long, 36 inches wide and five feet tall Our three-step wash system is cleaned and maintained regularly to assure the product is properly cleaned before the powder coating process. Each piece that passes through the powder coating system is pre- heated with an infrared light to the perfect temperature to accept the powder evenly. Our top of the line spraying equipment and highly experienced painter ensure consistent and even coating of each piece through the powder coating system. The powder coating finish is baked in an oven that is constantly monitored and adjusted to assure that the product stays at the correct temperature to produce the best finish possible. Each piece is carefully removed from the powder coating line and packaged to prevent smudging and marks on the finished product. Foam is placed between pieces and they are shrink-wrapped to prevent damage during the shipping process. Contact us today to find out more information. Click here for more examples in our powder coating gallery. “Large or small, our powder coating line can accomodate your specific needs.”